White House says peace between Israel and Palestine is goal of Trump administration


The White House has said that the goal of the Trump administration is to ensure that there is peace between Israel and Palestine.

The statement came on the eve of a crucial meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump. The White House said that America can only lend a helping hand in resolving the decades-long conflict but cannot dictate the terms of peace.

“A two-state solution that doesn’t bring peace is not a goal that anybody wants to achieve. Peace is the goal, whether it comes in the form of a two-state solution if that’s what the parties want or something else, if that’s what the parties want, we’re going to help them,” a Senior White House official told reporters during a background briefing. “May be, May be not, the official said on condition of anonymity when asked if peace equals two-State solution.”

The White House said that it is not America that has to impose the vision, but it’’s something the two sides have to agree to. The official said the term “two-state solution” has not been particularly well defined.

“If I ask five people what a two-state solution is, I get eight different answers. We’re looking at the two sides to come together to make peace together and we’ll be there to help them,” the official said.

Netanyahu scheduled to meet Trump at the Oval Office after which the two leaders are expected to address a joint news conference, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said. Spicer said that the two leaders will be discussing ways to advance and strengthen the special relationship between America and Israel and stability in the Middle East.

“They will consult on a range of regional issues, including addressing the threats posed by Iran and its proxies, the crisis in Syria, and countering ISIS and other terrorist groups,” Spicer told reporters.

“As the President has made clear, his administration will work to achieve comprehensive agreement that would end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so that Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and security. The way forward toward that goal will also be discussed between the President and the Prime Minister,” Spicer said.

Later a senior White House official said that the Trump Administration does not want to dictate peace to either Israel and Palestine and it is for the two parties to arrive at a peaceful resolution to decades old conflict.

“We’re not going to dictate what the terms of peace will be. President Trump has very much indicated that he wants to achieve peace,” the official said.