Seeing The Belly Of A Python, It Reveals That It Has Swallowed Indonesian Man


    A 25-year-old man in Indonesia who vanished from a remote village found dead inside the belly of the python, the local police reported. The 23-foot-long snake was cut open with a long knife and the man’s body was found inside. On Sunday, Akbar Salubiro had gone to harvest palm oil on his family’s plantation on the island of Sulawesi when villagers heard cries of a person from the palm grove.

    Akbar’s neighbor Satriawan said, “He was spotted in the location of the garden.” Mashura, a spokesperson for the police in West Sulawesi province said that villagers reported to police that Akbar had been missing for 24 hours. They didn’t find Akbar, but the villagers saw an unmoving python in the ditch. They grew suspicious that maybe the snake had Akbar. Police corps then conducted a search for the man and found the snake near the family’s palm plantation.

    Reticulated pythons are among the world’s longest and largest reptiles. They typically suffocate their victims like boars and wild dogs with their fangs before swallowing them whole. These type of python rarely kill and eat humans, although there are infrequent reports of them swallowing animals or young children. Investigation have found that there is few “python eats man” rumors over the years and they were either based on unrelated urban legends, doctored images or photographs.

    Pythons usually do not chew their food, they have to swallow it whole, but their jaws are connected by very flexible ligaments so they can stretch around large prey. Taylor said it is not impossible but very difficult for even a large python to swallow an adult human male. A human’s broad shoulders can present an obstruction for the snake’s jaws. Python attacking humans are very rare, and the chances of being eaten by a giant snake are much lower than the chances of being struck by lightning at the exact same time as winning Mega Millions.