Gray Hair Associated With An Increased Risk Of Heart Disease In Men


    Gray hair is considered as the sign of aging. According to a recent study, men with more gray hair, irrespective of age are at high risk of developing heart disease.Gray Hair Associated With An Increased Risk Of Heart Disease In Men

    Irini Samuel, a cardiologist at Cairo University of Egypt said: “Our study suggests that irrespective of chronological age, graying of hair shows the biological age and can be the sign of cardiovascular diseases.”

    The link between atherosclerosis and heart disease

    The latest study presented at the EuroPrevent 2017 on April 8 in Malaga, Spain says that atherosclerosis and heart disease shares similar mechanisms. Atherosclerosis causes hardening and narrowing of arteries, which blocks them and restricts the blood flow.

    The blocking of arteries causes strokes, heart attacks and other heart disorders. Atherosclerosis and heart disease results in impaired DNS, inflammation, stress, hormonal changes and hampers the functioning of cells.

    The conducted study

    The study was conducted on 545 participants. During the study, the researchers observed the occurrence of gray hair with suspected coronary artery disease, to check if there is a link between both.

    The participants were adult men, which were divided into groups depending on whether they suffer from coronary artery disease or not and the volume of gray hair they have.

    The amount of gray level was identified by two observers. The researchers also gathered the data based on risk factors that lead to heart disease like smoking, family history, diabetes, stress etc.

    The participants with damaged arteries have high graying score than those with healthy arteries. They were likely to have the high presence of calcium in their arteries.

    Hair whitening predicts narrowing and hardening of arteries along with high blood pressure.

    Dr. Samuel said that more research is needed with combined efforts from dermatologists, to shed more lights on factors that cause graying of hair.

    According to The American Heart Association, around 45 percent of people in the US will suffer from health problems that are linked with heart disease.

    Heart Disease In United States

    The American Heart Association said that 45 percent of the U.S. population will develop health problems linked to heart disease by 2035. The cost of treating the cardiovascular diseases will also increase to $1.1 trillion from $555 billion which was in 2016.