Apple’s HomePod proves to be a great speaker


Apple's HomePod proves to be a great speakerApple says it will be selling its high-quality smart, overpriced and well-known portable speaker, HomePod later this year. Apple does not come up with the technology that could be profitable to them but thinks about user’s experience and what they actually want. Apple thinks that people will buy this product because they want a premium stereo. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said, “The thing that has arguably not gotten a great level of focus is music in the home. So, we have decided to develop a device with great sound and an intelligent speaker.”

“When I was growing up audio was a major priority for us. You are jammin’ out on your stereo. Audio is still required not only for kids but for people of all age groups. We are offering something that people would love. It’s gonna blow them away”, he continued. Late CEO Steve Jobs used to say “Our main aim is to build up advanced products from technology point of view but at the same time we will take care that they are easy to use, fun to use, fit the user’s requirements and users don’t have to come to them, they come to the user.” He never meant to have a technology that people in Silicon Valley see as the future of computing.

Apple is not a tech company but a design company. Hence, it has designed HomePod to play high-quality sound in your home. Another important thing Apple revealed that they will be using Siri as its main control system. Siri will be still a headache to use. It is still a complicated piece of software that makes use of machine learning to understand what users say and return answers.

Cook had tested the HomePod by playing the same songs as the Sonos Play 3, the premium speaker and Amazon Echo played. He noticed a huge difference. HomePod clearly sounded better than both to his ears. For someone who wants a really good home stereo, HomePod could be a much better option leaving the price behind. In future, technology will reach to a height where these speakers will contain a generalized artificial intelligence that humans can speak with, rely on or maybe go crazy for the technology. Machine learning is a key component of creating an AI but it can be used in a number of technologies.